Walker End Houston (or “Walker End” for short) is the Independent Supporters Association (ISA) for the Houston Dynamo.  The Walker End Independent Supporters Association exists to:

A. Unite all fans, supporter group-affiliated and independent alike, by fostering a grass-roots Dynamo supporter community;

B. Promote supporter culture by:

1. Making songs and chants accessible to all;

2. Encouraging active participation throughout the stadium;

3. Assisting production and deployment of tifo;

        4. Organizing road trips, tailgates, watch parties and social events;

C. Give back to the Houston-area community by making charitable donations and sharing soccer with under-privileged youths; and

D. Advocate for the fair treatment of all Dynamo supporters by ensuring the protections of the Dynamo Supporters Bill of Rights.

Below, Walker End Houston Executive Council Member Chris Smink explains the concept of the Independent Supporters Association at the May 3rd Launch Party & Town Hall Meeting at Orange Bar: