Brewer Crain, Donald Lee, and Eric Nordstrom Named Inaugural At-Large Executive Council Members

This past weekend, Walker End Houston’s founding Executive Council members selected the Brewer Crain, Donald Lee, and Eric Nordstrom for the 2012 At-Large Executive Council positions.

After seven initial candidates, a round of online questionnaires, and in-person interviews, Council members agreed to amend the the Walker End Charter and expand from two At-Large positions to three. We felt that given their past organizational and professional experiences, Brewer, Donald, and Eric are essential to our foundation-building effort.

Over the remaining months one of our top priorities is raising awareness of our Independent Supporters Association amongst the fan base and building an infrastructure that will be conducive to open elections for future At-Large positions on the Executive Council.

Currently, we’re working hard to find solutions to some existing challenges we face with in-stadium support. So hopefully some positive changes are on the way.

As always, we’d like to hear your feedback on what’s working well, what needs improvement, your ideas on how we can build this Dynamo fan community. Please introduce yourself on our forum and start up a new thread on anything you’d like to discuss!

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