Make Some Noise!

In an effort to provide top class support to our Houston Dynamo, all supporters groups have agreed to coordinate a couple of our simplest songs and chants during certain minute marks of our home games.

Let’s Go Dynamo Game clock times: 15:00, 30:00, 60:00, 75:00
Let’s Go Dynamo (clap clap clapclapclap)

Karma ChameleonGame clock times: 40:00, 85:00
Dale-dale-dale dale-dale Dynamooo
Dale Dynamooo
Dale DynamoooOooo

Listed in sequence:
15:00 – Let’s Go Dynamo
30:00 – Let’s Go Dynamo
40:00 – Karma Chameleon
60:00 – Let’s Go Dynamo
75:00 – Let’s Go Dynamo
85:00 – Karma Chameleon

Please help us spread awareness of the coordination plan by sharing with your friends, singing loudly with us and by encouraging fans in your section to join in.

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