UPDATE: Make Some Noise!

Thanks to everyone who has participated during the coordinated chants the past few games. We’re currently working on improving our synchronisation and spreading the word about these times.

One of the pieces of feedback we got from independent fans was they wanted a coordinated “Vamos, Vamos Houston. Que-esta noche tenemos que ganar.” Those of you who were around in the 2006 & 2007 playoffs will have chills recalling the sound of 30,000 Dynamo fans at Robertson Stadium singing the song in unison. So we’ve communicated between the supporters groups and adjusted the coordinated schedule to work that in as well as another classic.

Please sing and chant with us!

Let’s Go Dynamo – Game clock times: 15:00, 30:00, 60:00, 75:00
Let’s Go Dynamo (clap clap clapclapclap)

Karma Chameleon – Game clock times: 40:00, 85:00
Dale-dale-dale dale-dale Dynamooo
Dale Dynamooo
Dale DynamoooOooo

Vamos, Vamos Houston - Game clock times: 40:00, 85:00 (if losing, tied, or up by 1 goal)
Vamos, vamos Houston
Que-esta noche, tenemos que ganar

Ole - Game clock time: 85:00 (if up by 2 goals or more)
Ole, ole, ole, ole
Houston, Tejas

Listed in sequence:
15:00 – Let’s Go Dynamo
30:00 – Karma Chameleon
40:00 – Vamos, Vamos Houston
60:00 – Let’s Go Dynamo
75:00 – Karma Chameleon
85:00 – Vamos, Vamos Houston (losing, tied, or up by 1) / Ole (up by 2 or more)

Please help us spread awareness of the coordination plan by sharing with your friends, singing loudly with us and by encouraging fans in your section to join in.

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